Shells Only is Long Island's Premiere Dormer Builder.

Legendary dormers by Shells Only are the best solution to your expanding Long Island families.

Growing family? Add space, add value and livability to your home with a beautiful new dormer. Dormers are our specialty. SHELLS ONLY COMPLETE HOME IMPROVEMENTS has built thousands of dormers on Long Island over the past four decades.  Few builders can make that claim.  Dormers improve the external appearance of your home and the internal experience for those living in it.  Building a dormer is the most economical way of expanding your home. In a real sense constructing a dormer is building a house on top of another house. 

Shells Only Long Island Dormer Contractor

Sounds difficult?
Not for SHELLS ONLY COMPLETE HOME IMPROVEMENTS!  With Shells Only's unmatched "dormer know-how", Shells Only is Long Island's premiere dormer builder.  No matter what type or size of Long Island home you have, Shells Only has seen it and built it.  We seamlessly integrate the new dormer construction with your existing home's style. A SHELLS ONLY dormer never seems like an awkward add-on, it's always a perfect fit. 

Dormers done better. Shells Only listens to your needs and ideas and bring them to reality!  We take pride in the quality of our work and eliminate all the inconveniences for our clients. If you can dream it we can build it- from a child's bedroom to a grand, master suite with elegantly appointed bathrooms and dressing areas, to mother daughter conversions with second kitchens and separate entrances. 

At SHELLS ONLY, we deliver your dormer project on time and in budget with strict construction management and fanatical quality control.  Shells Only understands that time is of the essence and never sacrifice quality for speed. Once your dormer has been constructed our interior team of professionals go to work - completing the job with wiring plumbing, insulation, sheetrock, flooring an all the finishing touches to make it your home.

When you're ready to move forward with your new dormer call SHELLS ONLY- the Dormer Professional


dormer is a structural element of a building that protrudes from the plane of a sloping roof surface. Dormers are used, either in original construction or as later additions, to create usable space in the roof of a building by adding headroom and usually also by enabling addition of windows. Shells Only Specializes in any style dormer. Contact Shells Only Complete
Home Improvements today for your free estimate. 

Often conflated with the term "dormer", a dormer window is a window set into the dormer. Like skylights, dormer windows are a source of light and ventilation for top floors, but unlike skylights (which are parallel to the roof surface) they also increase the amount of headroom in the room and allow for more usable space. 

A blind dormer or false dormer is a dormer that can only be seen from the outside of the house: it is roofed on the inside, and does not provide any extra space or light. These are often used to make the house appear more impressive. 

A dormer is often one of the primary elements of a loft conversion. Contact Shells Only for your free estimate! Shells Only Complete Home Improvements. Shells Only, We do it All! SHELLS ONLY