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Any great crafting game should include a fun fishing mechanic. Fortunately for those new to Craftopia, you are gifted with the option to fish pretty early on in the game. Once you craft your first basic wooden fishing rod, you are able to head over to a body of water to start catching some fish to use for recipes, crafting, and the like.

minecraft slash blade crafting recipes

Jokes aside, both games have a wealth of various crafting recipes, many of which can make your life a lot easier. Most blueprints require two things and can be made anywhere, such as mounting arrowheads on arrow shafts, but others might require specialised equipment, such as an anvil or a cooking pot. Some items require several steps to be taken. For instance the steps to make a pizza are the following:

Fixed a bunch of issues involving OpenGl.Removed some mods that were causing issues.Removed:Matter OverdriveBacktoolsUniverseCraftRedstone PasteElemental WitchesWild Caves 3Taam (we have mods similar to this)Spice of Life (removed cause of complaints)Forest DayAdded:Techguns, good replacement for Matter Overdrive.Changed a bunch of crafting recipes to provide balance.


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