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What To Buy A Bride

She finally said yes (or popped the question!) and now the time has come to pick out the perfect present for the girl planning her wedding. To help make the job easier, we've gathered our favorite bride-to-be gifts that'll definitely come in handy before the big day. That means personalized planners for jotting down all the important details, wedding-worthy accessories, and pampering bath bombs for when she just needs a little break from it all. Whatever the occasion, these bridal gift ideas are sure to go down a treat.

what to buy a bride


If you're shopping for bride-to-be jewelry gifts, go for things that she can wear in and around her wedding day. This adorable pair of Minnie Mouse studs will look the part at any Disney-themed celebration, whether that's an Orlando bachelorette, the big day itself, or a Disney World honeymoon.

Go all out for your girl and put together a bride-to-be gift basket or box full of awesome goodies. Depending on which option you go for, this one includes all the essentials, from hand sanitizer and lip balm to a personalized wine travel cup.

Need a gift for the bride-to-be who doesn't live nearby? Send them a fun Greetabl gift box in the mail, complete with a personal note and a pocket-sized present of your choosing. Calming essential oils or friendly words of encouragement are sure to be appreciated.

The Knot's new-and-improved wedding planner is the perfect present for the soonlywed in your life. This comprehensive guide is filled with invaluable advice, inspiration, checklists, and more that'll get the couple on the right track in no time. It's a gift any bride-to-be at the start of her wedding planning journey would gladly accept.

Planning a wedding takes a whole lot of energy. That's why a monthly coffee delivery is one of the best gifts for the bride-to-be. Atlas Coffee Club's delicious blends come from all over the globe, so she'll get to taste an international selection.

Bridesmaid and bridal robes are basically non-negotiable when it comes to getting ready on the morning of. Make sure your bride-to-be bestie has hers sorted by gifting her a pretty lace-trim cover-up.

When it comes to gift ideas for the bride-to-be, possibilities are endless. What better way to celebrate her new engaged status than with a gourmet feast? This cheese- and champagne-themed gift box is a unique way to help the soonlyweds celebrate this special time in their lives. The collection includes Yancy's Fancy Cheddar Cheese With Finger Lakes Champagne, Ubriaco al Prosecco Cheese, pink champagne biscuits by Fossier, and two stemless toasting flutes among other goodies.

This present is equal parts practical and hilarious. Six pampering bath bombs come in the form of giant chill pills to help your girl relax after a long day of wedding prep. Talk about funny bride-to-be gifts!

Shopping for a special occasion? If you're willing to splash out a little, this chic weekender will make for a stylish and practical present, no matter if you're looking for Christmas gifts for the bride-to-be or her birthday's coming up.

Still looking for gift ideas for the soon-to-be bride? We've got plenty more where that came from. Check out this personalized "Bride" wine tumbler she can take with her on a boozy bachelorette or simply sip at home after a long day.

Surprise her with something extra meaningful, like a custom print that commemorates when and where she got engaged. Personalized bride-to-be gifts will make her feel just that little bit more special.

Let's face it, she's probably seeing life through rose-tinted glasses right now. Surprise the soon-to-be bride with gifts that'll add to the romance. These gorgeous preserved flowers come in a sweet, heart-shaped box that reads "everything's coming up roses" on the lid.

If her idea of winding down is enjoying a hot cup of tea, we've found the perfect bride-to-be present. Send her a gift card she can use to purchase a monthly subscription of premium tea personalized to her tastes.

Bridal gift ideas don't get much better than this. Treat your engaged loved one to a matching marble silk pillowcase, eye mask, and scrunchies in a bride-worthy shade of white. Better sleep while wedding planning just got a whole lot easier.

You don't have to break the bank to get her all excited for her special day. Small gifts for the bride-to-be are just as sweet and meaningful, like this stylish cotton makeup bag that reads "bride" in sparkling gold letters. It'll come in handy for any wedding-related travel, as well as getting ready on the day.

For the girl who's eagerly crossing each day off the calendar, consider bride-to-be gifts that'll help with her countdown. These decorative blocks are double-sided, so once she's sealed the deal, she can start counting the days she's spent married to her favorite person.

What's better than a cozy pair of slippers? If you're shopping for a bride-to-be, the answer is: a cozy pair of slippers embroidered with the words "I do." These fluffy light blue slides have a plush lining and memory foam insoles. Basically, she'll feel like she's walking on a cloud.

Looking to spoil your bride to be? A spa gift card is the perfect gift to get your bride to be. This can be given to her the day or week before. Nothing can make you more relaxed than a spa gift card, especially a sentimental wedding gift.

Do you want your bride to feel super comfortable on her wedding day? A satin robe is a great to wear while the bride is getting ready. You can easily have this delivered to your bride on your wedding day.

There are a lot of things that a bride needs on her special day. You can actually get everything you she needs for her in the form of a bride box. Grab a cute box and put anything and everything you can think of in there for her.

The kind of relationship you share with the bride is very important when choosing gifts. Close friends or relatives can buy a personalized necklace, SPA-session, etc. Usually, they spend on gifts for a bride-to-be about $100-150.

The bride needs her beauty sleep in preparation for the big day. So you can make that happen by getting her a sleep set. Sleep sets are soon-to-be bride gifts that she can use before and after the wedding. Opt for silk, wool, or satin in stunning colors that she would love.

Looking for the perfect engagement party gifts that the bride can wear every time? A custom t-shirt would do. Choose only fabrics that give comfort like wool. Monogram or paint her name on it. She can wear it on dates, to run errands, or chill in them.

Caps are some of the best gifts for a soon-to-be bride because they come in varieties. Get her a face cap customized with her name. She can wear it to the mall, at the gym, or on casual outings. Another option is a straw or rattan hat, perfect for the beach and tropical getaways.

Jewelry sets are arguably the best gifts for the bride-to-be. They are long-lasting and would stay relevant until she turns them into keepsakes. This jewelry may also rescue her at the wedding or bridal shower if she forgets to buy some. Opt for rose in different shades, platinum or sterling silver as they never tarnish.

Buy the bride bows made of light, fluffy tulle, sparkling crystals, and luminous pearls to make a glam wedding statement. If she loves the vintage vibe, a birdcage veil paired with the pearl-embellished bow detail on a headband is perfect.

Hoops are stunning hair accessories that can be woven into the hair, highlighting braids, buns, and ponytails. They are also perfect accessories for any outfit from formal to casual, rustic to flirty, and everything in between. Buy them in silver, gold, and stainless for aesthetics. The bride can pair them with embellished headbands, veils, and birdcage veils.

Get the bride thoughtful boxes that she cannot do without. A goodie box containing gourmet meals, wines, cookies, and a heartfelt card is a winner. Goodie boxes will feed her with cravings she could only dream of.

Bride-buying, also referred to as bride-purchasing, is the industry or trade of purchasing a bride as a form of property. This enables the bride to be resold or repurchased at the buyer's discretion. This practice continues to have a firm foothold in parts of the world such as China, India and Africa. Described as a form of marriage of convenience, the practice is illegal in many countries.

One of the first recorded instances of bride-buying in North America can be traced back to 1619 in Jamestown, Virginia.[1] The first Jamestown settlers were exclusively European males,[2] historian Alf J. Mapp Jr believes this could be due to the belief that "...women had no place in the grim and often grisly business of subduing a continent..."[3] With stories of famine, disease and dissension, the European women feared that leaving England and traveling to the colony would be of great risk. Unable to find wives, many men chose to desert the colony. In order to reduce desertion, colony leaders sent advertisements back to Europe, pleading for women to immigrate to the colony. Trying to persuade potential brides to come to Jamestown proved to be difficult, however, 17th-century marriage obstacles proved to be beneficial to the men of the colony. Attaining a home and constructing domestic household in Europe was costly. If not born into wealth, most people would need to obtain significant savings before being able to wed. The majority of working-class Englishwomen turned to domestic service to acquire the necessary funds to marry and marital immigration offered an enticing alternative to what otherwise would be years doing menial work for meager pay. The Virginia Company offered women who chose to leave England in favor of the colony generous incentives such as linens, clothing, a plot of land, and their choice of husband. After a husband was chosen, he would then pay the Virginia Company with 150 pounds (70kg) of "good leaf" tobacco (which is equivalent to roughly $5000 USD in today's currency[when?]) to pay for their bride's passage to the colony. This is how the Jamestown brides earned themselves the nickname the "tobacco brides".[4] 041b061a72


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