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A Monster In Paris ((INSTALL))

Paris, 1910. Panic sweeps the city as floodwaters rise and a monster is on the loose! Meanwhile a wacky inventor, his camera-crazy best friend, and a madcap monkey are on a mission to protect the monster, who has a rare and special talent. With the help of the beautiful but feisty singer Lucille, the team harbors the monster to keep him from the ghastly wannabe Mayor, Commissioner Maynott.

A Monster in Paris

The movie is called A Monster in Paris because the woman that asked Jon on a date transforms into a hideous monster. One might say she resembles Jackson Kruse drivers license. She goes on a rampage throughout the beautiful European city while screaming things like "RAH RAH!" and "I support Kanye!" Neither of these things are acceptable, and they scare Jons Perkins. Therefore, he runs away all the way back to his college campus. Once at campus, desperate to forget the scary monster in Paris, he approaches various women asking them what their plans for Thursday night are.

Paris, 1910. Emile, a shy movie projectionist, and Raoul, a colourful inventor, find themselves embarked on the hunt for a monster terrorizing citizens. They join forces with Lucille, the big-hearted star of the Bird of Paradise cabaret, an eccentric scientist and his irascible monkey to save the monster, who turns out to be an oversized but harmless flea, from the city's ruthlessly ambitious police chief.

Un Mostro A parigi, Příšera v Paříži, モンスターインパリ 響け僕らの歌声, Monstre à Paris (Un), Un Monstre à Paris, Um Monstro em Paris, Un monstruo en París, A párizsi mumus, Ett monster i Paris, Čudovište u Parizu, Skjønnheten og monsteret i Paris, Skønheden & Monstret i Paris

We have the first image from A Monster in Paris, the Luc Besson-produced, Eric "Bibo" Bergeron-directed animated film due out in France later this year. Although posters and concept art for the movie have made the rounds before, this seems to be the first picture from the movie itself. The plot revolves around a monster terrorizing early 20th century Paris, and the locals who band together to stop him. But, as you might guess from the image, the monster isn't exactly what he seems to be. See for yourself after the jump.

The film is set in 1910 Paris and centers around a movie projectionist named Emile (Jay Harrington of the brilliant-but-cancelled Better Off Ted) and an inventor named Raoul who join forces with other colorful characters in order to protect their city from the monster (Mattieu Chedid). The film also features Vanessa Paradis as a cabaret singer, Catherine O'Hara as a club owner, Bob Balaban (Howl, Best in Show) as a police officer, Adam Goldberg as a deliveryman, and Danny Huston as the police chief.

During the Great Flood of 1910, Émile, a shy movie projectionist, and Raoul, a colorful inventor, find themselves embarked on the hunt for a monster terrorizing the citizens of Paris. However, the monster takes refuge with a beautiful, kind-hearted singer named Lucille and is revealed to be actually quite harmless. Now all of them must continue to protect the monster, Francur, from the chief of police who's out to kill him.

He becomes the toast of the town's nightlife when he puts on a suit and mask and does showstopping duets with a talented French singer named Lucille (Vanessa Paradis). However, she has to enlist the aid of a shy projectionist (Jay Harrington) and a cocky inventor (Adam Goldberg) when Francoeur is deemed a monster by an obsessed police commissioner (Danny Huston).

"As I grew up, I made a lot of good friends and I really fit in and had fun. But in the beginning, I felt very uncomfortable about being a celebrity child and being identified as that. In a way that made me feel awkward and I can relate to feeling like a monster in New York."

Emile was the first to see the 'monster' that they had created; after his scream Francoeur jumped through the roof of the large greenhouse, and disappeared into the night. As Francoeur traveled around Paris, jumping from roof to roof, he was met with many more blood-curdling screams, since everyone who saw him thought of him as a monster. He takes the black coat and hat, and the red scarf of one man who runs away from him and wears them, disguising his flea form.

Francoeur pulls on the doorbell several times, like he saw Albert doing, and a furious Lucille throws the door open, expecting to find Albert. The door throws Francoeur to the floor in the alleyway, among various litter and debris. Concerned, Lucille apologizes and asks if he's alright, but faints when he shows his face, which had been hidden behind his scarf. Francoeur catches her, but when she is roused by the rain on her face she slaps him and runs back into the Rare Bird, locking the door behind her. The rain falling on the various objects in the alleyway starts to make a tune, and Francoeur sings a song about his ordeal since he grew and became the monster of Paris.

Raoul and Emile come to congratulate Lucille and Francoeur on their performance, but after shaking Francoeur's blue, hairy, three-fingered hands, they panic as they realize he's the monster. Lucille slaps them both, claiming he's no monster, and they quickly see the truth.Albert later informs Commissioner Maynott as to Francoeur's whereabouts, but Francoeur hides in a piano while the police search the Rare Bird. Lucille them hatches a plan to fake Francoeur's death, so that nobody would try to find him anymore. He pretends to capture Lucille during her performance of 'Papa Paris' at the opening of the new railway, and Emile and Raoul trick Commissioner Maynott into thinking that an exploding potion from the professor's lab is a shrinking potion or 'antidote' for the monster.

The police are unable to shoot Francoeur, as Maynott doesn't want them to hit Lucille. He instead throws the 'antidote' at Francoeur, and the small bottle promptly smashes and explodes, giving Francoeur a thick pink cloud of smoke to use for cover, as he disappears through the trap door. Raoul says that Francoeur has shrunk down to his normal flea size, and pretends to squash him under his foot. However, Inspector Pâté notices Francoeur's red scarf poking out from under the trap door, and Maynott attempts to shoot Francoeur, who turns around so the bullet bounces off of his shell. A chase follows, during which Francoeur noticeably gets weaker. Francoeur reaches the Eiffel Tower, where his lower arms disappear, and later the spikes on his back. He eventually collapses atop the Eiffel Tower. Emile attempts to defend the unconscious flea, but Maynott eventually shoots Francoeur, and is arrested by Inspector Pâté for 'the premeditated murder of Monsieur Francoeur', as Pâté finally realised that Francoeur was no monster. Francoeur's coat, hat, and scarf flutter down in the wind, Francoeur nowhere to be seen. Lucille, Raoul, Emile, Maude, and Charles grieve for him. Raoul convinces Lucille to perform at the Rare Bird in Francoeur's honor. During Lucille's performance, she freezes on stage due to her grief, but hears Francoeur singing in her ear, back at his normal flea size. She sings along with him in a duet of 'Just a little kiss', which Francoeur had earlier composed on the piano.

Meanwhile a wacky inventor, his camera-crazy best friend, and a madcap monkey are on a mission to protect the beast, Franc, as he holds a rare and special talent. With the help of the beautiful but feisty singer Lucille, the team harbors the monster to keep him from the ghastly wannabe Mayor, Commissioner Maynott, who has a plan to capture Franc and reveal him to be nothing more than a monstrous danger to the people of Paris.

French animated comedy from the director of Shark Tale. Set in Paris 1910, three friends and a monkey attempt to protect an unfairly maligned monster - a giant, singing flea - from the authorities. More

In the fabled streets of Paris in 1910, terror sweeps the city as floodwaters rise and a monster is reported to be on the loose! When a handsome but fiery cabaret singer named Noel Gruber discovers that the monster is actually just a kind hearted flea-turned-human-girl named Constance, Noel- along with wanna-be inventor/musician Mischa Bachinski and film fanatic Ricky Potts- must protect her from the zealous and pompous Commissioner, Ocean O'Connell-Rosenberg, who plots to find Constance and destroy her to further her mayoral campaign.

The action is plenty and the characters are delightful. We are pleased to award this movie our Dove Seal. We are awarding it our Seal for ages twelve plus due to a brief utterance of language. Give these monsters a watch soon and they will make your day! 041b061a72


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