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Buy Oak Table

1. Select a dining table made of sturdy stuff. If you want a table to last through years of dinner party wear and tear, choose a table made from a hardwood, such as mahogany, walnut, maple, oak and teak. Tables made from engineered or composite woods, which include plywoods and MDF, are durable and economical but are never as strong as a hardwood.

buy oak table

6. Consider a designer pack-and-go dining table. Plywood is lightweight and durable, and a plywood table can be flat-packed and assembled as needed at home. Your dining table then can be packed up and moved as necessary. Plus it works well in a home with modern Nordic or contemporary Asian style.

This solid oak table draws inspiration from farmhouses and work benches with its visible trestles, stainless steel legs and solid double-planked surface. It is a graceful, utilitarian piece that speaks to traditional silhouettes and rural escapes while giving a playful nod to contemporary design.

Does your dining room need rapid remodeling? Let our modern tables take center stage. The fashionable flat surfaces are sure to turn your eating experiences into merry moments. Our Modern Furniture tables are made from high quality materials, which will have a resounding presence with your dining room furniture. Our wide assortment of contemporary tables transports you to a serene Zen retreat or completes your room of luxury. Add your selected style of distinguished decor and watch the room transform into a place of unrefined beauty. Modani's minimalist tables will give guests a reason to return.

Shaker is a dining table inspired by the simple, honest and utilitarian approach of the movement after which it is named. Made from generous planks of solid wood, the table showcases the natural colour and grain of the timber. The leg frame recalls that of a refectory table, and includes a brushed brass detail on the cross beam.

At Crooked Oak Tavern we specialize in farm to table food. When available we will be using hormone-free beef, pork and chicken, locally raised produce that will change as is available during the growing seasons, and sustainable fish from local waters (no farm raised fish or seafood). Our goal is to provide fresh local food that will not be full of hormones and pesticides. Recipes are a unique blend passed down through our family to you and given a bit of a modern twist. We want our guests to leave feeling like they had a home cooked meal mixing in New England, Pennsylvania Dutch, Maryland Seafood and Southern cooking.

Our beautiful and unique best selling bespoke oak table tops are designed and hand-crafted in-house using our kiln dried earthy oak and delicately infused with epoxy resin to create stunning countertops full of charm and interesting wood features.

Our beautiful and bespoke best-selling oak table tops are designed and handcrafted by our timber experts from our timber yard and workshop in Plumpton Green Sussex. Our stunning and unique live edge oak table tops are truly unique, rustic -modern and guaranteed to add a unique sense of natural beauty and interest to your home or business.

Our bespoke oak dining tables are available with a variety of different edging styles, each with their own stylistic characteristics. Our live or waney edging follows the natural shape of the tree to give a unique rural and rustic appeal or if you prefer the more traditional straight/ or square edging, we can also incorporate this style too. For those looking for something in between, we can offer our mixed edging which combines both edging styles.

Whether your desired table is for modern home or a rural and rustic styled cottage in the countryside, our stunning oak tables are guaranteed to suit all environments, and with the right finishing can be made suitable for commercial areas too. We can craft your stunning oak tables to suit pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and office spaces. We offer two mains types of finishing, either our lacquer or oil finishing. Our lacquer finishing is suitable if you wish to retain the original earthy tones and textures of the timber and acts as a thick shield against water damage and scratches. Alternatively, we can offer our oil-based finishing which penetrates the timber to create multiple layers of protection and enhances the natural colourings to create shades of gold and orange.

Our solid oak tables are available to buy alongside any of our other products, such as our earthy modern oak shelves, kitchen island worktops, countertops and breakfast bars. When two or more of our solid wooden furniture products are bought together, we can craft them from the same tree to make a unique bespoke set of matching furniture for your home or business.

Like all our solid wooden furniture, our stunning and unique oak tables are completely 100% bespoke, so we expect each dining table to take around one month to create. This time frame also lets us ensure that your beautiful commissioned table is of the highest possible quality. Once your table is complete, it will then be delivered by our dedicated delivery service or be ready for collection from our workshop.

To see more examples of our oak dining tables please visit our sites or for our luxury range. Alternatively, feel free to browse our instagram or

Lacquer is an ideal solution for durable, protective, low maintenance solid wooden top finish. It is the most cost effective, water resistant solution, ideal for wooden worktops frequently exposed to moisture such as bathrooms or utility rooms but also solid wood tables and breakfast bars. Unlike oil, which intensifies the depth of the colour palette, lacquer maintains the natural colour of wood with a transparent, preservative layer. Solid wooden tops finished with lacquer will last years without reapplication unless heavily used.

Because your solid wood table /solid wood tops are handcrafted to order, it takes approximately 5 weeks depending on the complexity of your project and our workshop schedule. We will contact you before your delivery/collection is due to agree mutually convenient date & time. Our representative will give you a courtesy call on the day with estimated time of arrival.

Manual assistance will be required on delivery for unloading. Please ensure you have enough suitably strong people to offload the goods. Please contact us if you require our premium delivery service available at an additional cost (premium delivery service includes our members of staff safely delivering your wooden table/top to designated room and full assembly of our goods).

Please ensure that the wood table (or wood worktop wood top or wood desk etc ) will have sufficient room to pass easily through all your entryways. If this is unlikely, we can find a solution for you (at an additional cost). The wooden top and legs can be assembled on site, the top can be delivered in parts and also assembled on site, but we will need to be informed at the time the order is placed.

We specialise in English and European hardwoods (deciduous trees with broad flat leaves) this is because as the name suggests, the wood of hardwood trees is harder, denser, tighter than the wood of other trees and as a result the hardwood tops are very durable. We do not use pine (coniferous species, small needle like leaves) for our projects as softwood is easy to dent and the grain is not as tight as in hard wood and in our experience they are not suitable for wooden worktops or flooring.

It takes more effort and is more costly to process the hardwood than softwood, this is because hard wood is tougher, more condensed, making their wood perfect for our high quality, beautiful wooden table tops and solid wood worktops. Our wild walnut table tops or oak desks are practical pieces of art.

All our timber is vacuum kiln dried below 10% moisture content at the very core of the wood plank, as this is an essential process to ensure the wood is stable and suitable for internal use. Regrettably a large proportion of timber on the market is not processed in this way and clients are unaware of the potential dangers of purchasing incorrectly dried timber including warping, twisting, swelling, encouraging the infestation of woodworm. Also neighbouring surfaces regardless of composition (mdf, timber plywood etc.) could potentially be affected and damaged. Unfortunately these problems can take months to manifest themselves by which time it is too late.

Thank you for your help in us making a good decision on edges and size of live edge oak table top. Resin infill in knots and open voids looks very natural and beautiful. Thank you, we will be back soon for matching live edge coffee table and perhaps a couple of live edge shelves.Andrew, Penallt

Stage 1 was the lounge, we removed the existing dado rail, filled and sanded the walls. Had the hole for the new window cut and new window installed. We removed the tv table and mounted the TV on the wall and put all the cables in trunking.Next was paint, I then constructed a window seat, with storage. The top of the window seat was oak constructed from window sill boards. To finish the lounge we added a feature wall.

Our next consideration was the dining table, the existing table was something we exchanged for a bottle of whisky 15 years ago, and somehow never got round to replacing. We had started looking at tables at the beginning of the project, we did find something we liked in a popular department store, but the wood surface seemed deeply grained (e.g. sand blasted) and appeared to be quite porous. It was apparent that you had to self-assemble the legs to the table. At which point it occurred to me I could buy wooden table top and legs.My initial search started by looking at full stave worktops, I sent for some samples to convince the family this was the worth considering. We continued looking for tables in normal retail outlets and either found they were very expensive, or not solid (a thin oak bard on a frame) or oak with very little character.The only problem with making our own table was the desire to make it extendable. In the end we able to move our existing storage so we could make the wooden table long enough to have three chairs down each side, avoid the need to have a chair on the end that would block access to our conservatory. The wood table is long enough to fit 4 chairs down each side plus a chair at each end for the odd occasion like Christmas where we might need 10 sittings. 041b061a72


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