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For six weeks after Dean disappears, Sam searches for his brother without success, capturing and torturing the Crossroads Demon Dar for information after tricking Lester Morris into summoning her.[71][23] At the same time, Dean, now a Knight of Hell himself,[72] and Crowley hit the road, partying with each other. Although Crowley expresses interest in Dean ruling Hell at his side, Dean refuses. To sate the Mark of Cain's bloodlust, Crowley sends surviving Abaddon loyalists to attack Dean, who easily dispatches them.[71] Crowley also sends Dean to fulfill Lester's deal, but Dean kills Lester instead. With Dean proving to be too uncontrollable even for Crowley, Crowley makes a deal with Sam to help Sam capture Dean in exchange for the First Blade. Sam is able to capture Dean[73] and attempts to perform the demon cure upon his brother. Though Dean breaks free, he is restrained by Castiel who was himself rescued by Crowley from an attack by Adina. Sam is able to complete the cure and turn Dean human again, though he retains the Mark of Cain.[23]

Having regained control of Hell, Crowley executes surviving Abaddon loyalists, though his alliance with Dean and method of ruling leads one dissatisfied demon to commit suicide.[23] Due to soul numbers being down following the war with Abaddon, Raul, Gerald, and another demon open a brothel where patrons sell their souls in exchange for the services of the kidnapped prostitutes. After meeting Shaylene, one of the prostitutes, the Winchesters learn of the operation and attempt to shut it down. However, the witch Rowena MacLeod finds the brothel first and kills Raul, causing Gerald to flee. Though disgusted by the operation, Crowley dispatches demons to capture Rowena and kill the surviving prostitutes who are recruited by Rowena to form a coven. The demon assassins are killed by the Winchesters, saving one of the rescued prostitutes, but a second team is able to capture Rowena thanks to the intervention of Cole Trenton. Crowley is shocked to recognize Rowena as his long-absent mother,[37] something that she subsequently uses to manipulate Crowley.[74][75][76] In particular, Crowley has his demons capture Olivette, High Priestess of the Grand Coven, so that Rowena can petition to freely perform magic again.[77] Following failed attempts by Rowena to directly assassinate Dean and then to have Crowley do it, Crowley kicks Rowena out for her attempts to manipulate him.[78]

Alastair later resurfaces, having only lost his meatsuit when Anna became an angel again. On Lilith's orders, Alastair endeavors to break another seal by killing two reapers, one of them Tessa, with Death's scythe. Though Alastair partially succeeds, the Winchesters manage to free Tessa and foil his efforts. Alastair is subsequently captured by angels led by Castiel and held prisoner.[103] When angels begin getting murdered, Dean is forced to torture Alastair for information on how Lilith is doing it. Alastair in return enjoys torturing Dean with the knowledge that Dean broke the first seal and began the Apocalypse. After his devil's trap is mysteriously broken, Alastair nearly beats Dean to death and almost exorcises Castiel back to Heaven. Confronted by a Sam with the power to harm him, Alastair admits that Lilith is innocent in the angel murders and Sam uses his increased power to kill Alastair with his mind. Following his death, Uriel is revealed to be the true culprit in the angel murders, having planned to scapegoat the demons by using Alastair's escape to his advantage. Castiel also confirms that Alastair was telling the truth about Dean breaking the first seal, breaking Dean's spirit even further.[31]


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