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Alles Paletti: A Drama About a Football Coach's Family

Alles Paletti: A Drama About a Football Coach's Family

Alles Paletti is a German television film that aired on ZDF in 1985. It is based on a novel by Leonhard Lentz and directed by Michael Lentz. The film tells the story of Kai Wodar, the son of a German-Yugoslav couple who live in Vienna. His father, Milan Wodar, is a professional football coach who constantly changes clubs and moves his family around Europe. His mother, Gordana Wodar, is a Yugoslav woman who tries to cope with the cultural differences and the instability of their life. Kai, also known as Fips, struggles to find his identity and his place in the world as he grows up in different countries and schools.

Alles Paletti 1985

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The film explores the themes of family, identity, belonging, and football. It shows the challenges and joys of living in a multicultural and multilingual environment. It also depicts the realities of the football industry and its impact on the personal lives of the coaches and players. The film features Branko Lesa as Milan Wodar, Gordana Kosanovic as Gordana Wodar, Levin Kress as Kai Wodar, Maria Ketikidou as Anke, Peter Lohmeyer as Rico, Sonja Karzau as Oma Margret, Veronika Maruhn as Veronika, Mechthild Mengel as Birgit, CÃcilie Meyer as Mutter Wennenkamp, Rudolf Voss as Vater Wennenkamp, Ellen Siebert-Warns as Anne, Christine Sohn as Ingrid, Emilio De Marchi as Werner Hansch, JÃrgen Klauà as Slavica Majic, Branko Plesa as Ulrich Schamoni.

Alles Paletti is a drama that portrays the life of a football coach's family in the 1980s. It is a film that appeals to fans of football, culture, and family stories. It is a film that shows that everything is alright (alles paletti) even when things are not easy.

The film begins with a flashback of Kai's childhood in Vienna, where he witnesses his mother's death in a car accident. He is then sent to a boarding school in Germany, where he feels lonely and out of place. He only sees his father occasionally, when he visits him at his football matches. He also meets Anke, a girl who becomes his friend and later his girlfriend.

When Kai is 14, his father decides to take him back to live with him and his new wife Gordana. They move to Essen, where Milan coaches the local club. Kai has to adjust to a new school, a new language, and a new family. He also faces racism and bullying from some of his classmates and neighbors. He finds solace in football, playing for the school team and following his father's career. He also develops a close bond with Gordana, who treats him like her own son.

However, things are not easy for Milan and Gordana either. Milan is under pressure from the club management and the fans, who expect him to deliver good results. He also receives threatening letters from anonymous sources, who accuse him of being a traitor and a spy for Yugoslavia. Gordana feels isolated and unhappy in Germany, missing her homeland and her culture. She also worries about Kai's safety and well-being. e0e6b7cb5c


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