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Google Play Store 4.0.4 APK: Features, Fixes, and Improvements

So it turns out I have a device 4.0.4 that didn't come with google play services (why? I dont know, but it has gmail, and maps working fine), when I run the app the validation works and takes me to play store to install/update google play services, however the page says: Your device isn't compatible with this version.

The best game of my childhood I hope they put it back on the play store so that everyone who didn't play it can play it and the truth is it's very entertaining I give it 5 stars ? ? ? ? ?

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I used this app before 3 years ago. Then i canged my mobile. But now came back to android and i feel need. I am searching this app from last 3 weeks on playstore but unfortunately i failed. This is a ...

I am on ICS 4.0.4, NOT rooted. I can install and open Google Play 3.7.15, but when I try to download or update an app, GP force closes. I clear the data for GP, then go back and try to download and it forces closes again. What is the fix?

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when I downloaded the file it came up as a txt file (downloaded from phone) which I found to be really weird. I had lost play store in a borked rom, so I renamed the file to apk and it seems to be working just fine (EVO 3D running MeanICS)

does not work with my tablet either. google play will open and run until i try to download then. google play crashes. have to clear cache to reopen google play. but once again crashes when trying to download. have a generic mid 970 running android 4.1.1

Apps scanning means that Google scans not only publicly available apk through their search engine, it also scan apps that are sideloaded by users on their device. This feature enables threat detection across devices. For instance if you are trying to download an apk file flagged as dangerous by Google Play Protect (either by their routine scanning or because other users have reported the file), it will display a warning message.


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