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Wicker Furniture

Peronal opinion from almost 50 years of experience. We prefer natutal wicker & rattan to synthetic products if they are in covered indoor or outdoor areas. We find the the best rattan in the world grows in Indonesia. The people there do everything from harvesting and preparing the raw materials to making quality rattan furniture for many generations.

wicker furniture

Our rattan coffee tables, cocktail tables, and end tables are made of strong, sturdy rattan poles and skillfully woven designs. We top every table with a glass top to protect the natural wicker from spills and dust.

Wicker furniture is a century old art form practiced by skilled wicker craftsmen around the world. Wicker furniture is equally at home in an elegant city apartment, suburban sunroom or a vacation retreat. Today, with the addition of modern materials, your favorite wicker furniture styles can be enjoyed as Outdoor Furniture without concern to the outdoor weather.

Wicker is a finished product that is made from natural materials such as rattan, rush, banana bark, willow and others. The term wicker refers to the process of the weave. A wide assortment of styles (Contemporary, Victorian and others) make wicker an ideal choice for furnishing your home or outdoor. It is also lightweight and water resistance making it popular for outdoor furniture. Designs in our collection of wicker furniture and rattan furniture will suit any style and each piece will find a way to blend with existing decor or become a welcome enhancement to a new space and that's beauty of wicker furniture or rattan furniture in our selections.

Rattan is a vine that grows in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. Unlike bamboo, rattan is a solid core material. Rattan vines grow hundreds of feet in length and is one of nature's strongest materials. Rattan will not splinter or break, which makes it ideal for making furniture.

All Weather Wicker is indoor/outdoor wicker furniture made entirely of man made materials. Sturdy frames are rustproof and handcrafted from either aluminium or steel with soft woven vinyl or resin fibers that resembles the finest handwoven wicker.

Aside from wicker, we also offer a large selection of Cast Aluminum Furniture and Teakwood furniture , both of which make an excellent addition to any patio or backyard. Plus, we also offer custom-made replacement cushions with your choice of fabric, and outdoor umbrellas .

  • Answer: The word "wicker" is like a catch-all term that encompasses many woven products like sofas and end tables. Wicker furniture is made from a variety of materials, including: rattan, seagrass, peel, or plastic. Synthetic, or resin wicker, is another viable option that has been used in recent years. Rattan vines can be up to 500 feet in length, and 2-2.5 feet in diameter. The pole is often used to form the basis of the frame, before it is cut into smaller strands and woven into the furniture.Question #2: Which is stronger: Wicker or Rattan Furniture?Answer: Both materials are about equal in strength and weight support, what you really want to test for is the frame. If the frame is solid and does not sway, you'll find it at Wicker Paradise.

Question #3: How well does wicker hold up outside?Answer: Vintage wicker might need to be stored over night, but these pieces can be several decades old. The elements typically don't effect new wicker pieces as easily, so you don't get the kind of drying or cracking that might occur with older sets. However, weather can rot the frame if the furniture is not designed well. Heavy plastics or wood frames are especially susceptible to this kind of a beating, with warping being a particularly big problem for wood frames. Aluminum is our frame of choice because it doesn't rust, and it can be treated for even greater weather resistance. Aluminum frames also make furniture light-weight and easy to rearrange.

Water proofing can help prolong the life of your piece, but isn't generally necessary as most furniture receives a finish that protects it from the elements. You may need to re-stain your furniture over time, especially if left out in the sun, but you won't typically find pieces falling apart from outdoor use.

As you may already be aware, there has been problems with the supply chain resulting in extended ship times. We are hoping the situation improves and we can revert back to our previous ship times. It is best to ask your sales representative for an estimated ship time when placing your order. At that time we can provide a more accurate estimation of when you will receive your furniture.

Rattan Furniture is made from a vine that grows in the mountain regions of the Philippines and Southeast Asian. The vines grow very long and are cut into 15 to 20 foot lengths, and then bundled and transported to the furniture manufacturer. Once at the manufacturer, this material can be steamed and then bent and shaped to produce a variety of furniture. The outer shell of the rattan, or peel, can be fashioned into strips which are used to wrap joints. It also can be used as a decorative accent and is often referred to as cane. Cane is often used to produce seat decking and back support on furniture.

Natural wicker indoor furniture refers to furniture made from a variety of natural materials, which include rattan peel, willow, straw, rush, grasses, banana leaf, and other natural materials. These materials are woven over and between a rattan frame. When this type of furniture is made with straw or rattan peel it is often finished with a high gloss white paint and is commonly referred to as white wicker furniture. However, wicker and rattan furniture can also be stained or painted in an unlimited variety of colors and finishes.

Banana leaf furniture is made from natural banana fibers that are dried, twisted, and braided into a rope. The rope is then hand-woven over a frame to create wicker furniture and sturdy, stylish storage options ideal for lightweight items like blankets, magazines, and toys.

The natural look of wicker materials is a perfect addition to a cozy bedroom, adding texture, shape, and style to your personal space. Go bold with a hand-woven abaca fiber headboard, or keep it airy with a natural rattan headboard that brings a fresh perspective to a vintage classic.

A beautiful, stylized Greek key borders the bottom of the weave as a skirt on seating and tables. As durable as it is delicate, this comfortable collection combines all-weather resin wicker and fabric that repels water, resists stains, mildew and fading.

Many of our living room furniture options include choice of fabrics for cushions but being able to choose your stain is a huge game changer when it comes to decorating your home. Imagine for example staining your living room furniture in a Pearl white and Aqua colored cushions for a Florida style room. What a stunning combination of coastal and beachy looks that could be! The stain and fabric options and styles are endless and there is no add-on to the cost!

The combination of wicker furniture and a family pet can be a disaster waiting to happen. It is easy for even the best-trained dogs and cats to have accidents. Wicker furniture owners may fear that their furniture might be ruined by such an accident. However, this should not be the case. You can save fabulous wicker furniture that has been damaged by a beloved pet. Read below for some simple and easy ways to save your wicker furniture from one of the inevitable hazards of pet ownership.

Pet lovers who are also lovers of wicker (or wicker lovers who are also lovers of pets) must always stay on their toes when it comes to keeping their two loves apart. But, sometimes accidents do happen. At those times, it is good to have a few problem-solving techniques at the ready. If you love your pet and your wicker furniture, you owe it to yourself to make every effort to save your wicker furniture from a pet accident.

Rattan reed wicker can be thoroughly cleaned outdoors by using the spray hose and light detergent. Rinse well and dry completely before using again. Use caution here, because water can lift the finish. is an online retailer specializing in high-quality modern outdoor furniture at clearance prices. Each piece of furniture is hand crafted using only the highest quality synthetic resin materials available on the market. The frames are made of commercial grade powder coated aluminum so they will never rust. The beauty and craftsmanship of our products simply cannot be replicated by a machine. We stand by the quality of our resin wicker patio and outdoor products and each piece is guaranteed not to fade, crack, peel, or rust when subjected to the elements. This is hand crafted all weather outdoor wicker that will look beautiful on your porch, patio, or poolside and last for many, many years to come. If you want to Buy Patio Furniture please visit our sister store Modern Patio Design.

Stop hosting your backyard family get together or parties with uncomfortable old metal folding chairs or dirty picnic tables. Move your living room outside with one of our discount wicker and modern outdoor furniture sets. Your family and guests will definitely enjoy the style and comfort of relaxing in quality patio wicker that not only look fantastic, but is made with ultra durable weather resistant materials that will last a lifetime. We know from experience and great customer feedback that this furniture will definitely be the pride of your deck, porch, poolside or patio. And best of all it can be left outside year round. We also have a large selection of premium spun polyester and Sunbrella replacement outdoor cushions with fabric options available to match just about any home decor. At ModernWicker we combine the elegance and craftsmanship of traditional rattan with 21st century resin technology. Browse our complete line of discount patio furniture including outdoor wicker patio sets, resin wicker chairs, wicker rockers, wicker dining sets, wicker chaise lounges, wicker sofas, wicker gliders, wicker porch swings, and more. Our most popular collections include Forever Patio Hampton, Barbados, Pavilion, Cypress, Capistrano, Leona, and Rockport collections. We also carry the complete line of South Sea Rattan wicker including Bahia, Carlyle, Java, Key West, Martiniue, Montego Bay, Riviera, and Saint Tropez. The Tortuga Outdoor Lexington and Portside wicker collections are also sure to please with their durable high-quality materials, superior comfort, and discount pricing. New to the market from Source Outdoor are the beautifully designed contemporary collections Como Lago, King, Manhattan, Naples, Panama, St. John, and St Tropez. We are also proud to now offer Lloyd Flanders wicker which is still considered the best outdoor wicker ever made. Other quality manufacturers include Hospitality Rattan and Panama Jack. If you're looking for the highest quality resin outdoor wicker available at discount prices you've come to the right place. Our outdoor patio selections change from time to time as new collections and manufacturers are added or removed so be sure to check back often for the greatest deals on wicker patio sets, dining sets, sectionals, wicker chairs, chaise lounges, and much more. At you are sure to get the best service at great prices. 041b061a72

Dipingere con i Numeri: Esplora il Mondo Colorato dell'Arte

Se sei un appassionato di arte e desideri sperimentare una forma unica di espressione artistica, allora il dipingere con i numeri potrebbe essere la scelta perfetta per te. Conosciuto anche come "paint by numbers" in inglese, questo metodo di pittura offre un'esperienza coinvolgente e divertente per artisti di tutti i livelli.

Esplora la Collezione Colorato

Nella collezione Colorato di BestCanvas, troverai una vasta gamma di opzioni di dipinti con numeri, ognuna caratterizzata da splendidi motivi e colori vibranti. Dall'arte astratta a paesaggi mozzafiato, da ritratti dettagliati a scene naturali, c'è qualcosa per soddisfare tutti i gusti artistici.

Come Funziona

Il concetto di dipingere con i numeri è sorprendentemente semplice ma incredibilmente gratificante. Ogni dipinto è suddiviso in sezioni numerate e ogni numero corrisponde a un colore specifico. Seguendo le istruzioni fornite, dipingerai ogni sezione con il colore corrispondente fino a completare l'opera d'arte.

Perché Dipingere con i Numeri è Divertente

  • Accessibile a Tutti: Non è necessario essere un artista esperto per godere di dipingere con i numeri. Anche i principianti possono ottenere risultati sorprendenti seguendo semplicemente le istruzioni.

  • Rilassante e Terapeutico: L'atto di concentrarsi sui numeri e sulle pennellate può essere estremamente rilassante e terapeutico, offrendo una pausa benvenuta dalla frenesia della vita quotidiana.

  • Creatività Senza Sforzo: Non devi preoccuparti di ideare il disegno o scegliere i colori; tutto è già stato pianificato per te. Puoi concentrarti semplicemente sulla tua tecnica di pittura e lasciare che la tua creatività fluisca.

Inizia il Tuo Viaggio Artistico Oggi

Che tu sia un principiante o un artista esperto, il dipingere con i numeri può essere un'esperienza artistica gratificante e divertente. Esplora la collezione Colorato di BestCanvas e inizia il tuo viaggio nell'affascinante mondo dell'arte con i numeri oggi stesso! Scopri di più qui.



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