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Where To Buy Truck Bed Covers ^NEW^

Cap World carries the best name brands of Truck Bed Covers! We proudly sell LEER, A.R.E., ACCESS, BAK, Extang, Retrax, Roll-N-Lock, Undercover, and RSi SmartCap - which means any truck cover you purchase from Cap World will measure up to the highest industry standards.

where to buy truck bed covers

Drivers interested in a more durable option can elect to invest in a rugged hard tonneau cover. These options tend to cost a little more, but offer better security for those looking for the best protection. Soft covers do keep your truck bed out of sight, but if someone was truly motivated to gain access, they likely could. Hard covers also offer seamless looks that create a smooth appearance.

Many drivers inquire as to how their new tonneau cover will fit with toolboxes, ladder racks, and other truck accessories. You can find a range of truck bed covers from our trusted manufacturers that feature precise fits for a range of add-ons. Visit Mid-South Truck Gear in Olive Branch or Memphis for complete assistance!

Our aftermarket truck parts and protective coatings are available to drivers across Memphis and Olive Branch. We know the value of having a ruggedly reliable truck for both work and play, and will be able to help you find the best truck accessories to meet your needs and budget. You can achieve a killer look for your ride!

You've seen Lakeland Truck Caps and Tonneau Covers on the beds of thousands of satisfied truck owners. When you compare our quality, fit and our savings, you'll see for yourself why you'll want a Lakeland Truck Cap or Tonneau cover.

Capital Campers is your ARE dealer. ARE truck bed covers are constructed of fiberglass and are superior color-matched painted. These covers provide a water resistant and secure storage area. Keyless entry locking system and LED interior lights are available. Click HERE to see all of the ARE truck bed covers.

Searching for Truck Bed Covers Lubbock Tx? We have them!! We have a great selection of bed covers at West Texas Accessory Dept! Bed covers are a great way to accessorize your truck and protect the bed contents from thieves and inclement weather. We carry, service and install many brands of bed covers including UnderCover, Bakflip, Truxedo and Retrax Bed Covers!

Adding or upgrading a tonneau cover for your pickup truck is a great way to add protection for valuables and improve both the appearance and fuel mileage of your vehicle. JEGS offers a wide truck bed covers selection from lead manufacturers such as Extang, Truxedo, Tonno Pro, Bak Industries, JEGS, and more. Each of the tonneau covers available in this collection is backed by an industry-leading warranty that supports your purchase and offers the performance you want at a price you can afford.

There are many important benefits to buying truck bed covers. When properly paired, the result will be enhanced protection of valuables in your pickup truck bed, an improved look, and increased fuel mileage for your vehicle. It is important to purchase a reliable tonneau bed cover, and to understand how it best functions. JEGS proudly offers premium-quality truck bed covers and tonneau cover parts online, and with over 60 years in the business, JEGS is recognized as the tonneau bed cover superstore.

Buying a quality pickup truck bed cover can yield great results. But there are many different factors to consider when shopping for tonneau covers including different brands, prices, warranties, performance capabilities, and much more. Because truck tonneau covers are a crucial investment, it is important to do your research and get all your questions answered prior to making a final purchase. So, if you are trying to learn more about truck bed covers, we can help you along the way. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about tonneau covers.

A tonneau cover is a hard or soft flat sheet of material that lays over the top of a pickup truck bed. It is attached to the bed rails with brackets. Different retractable designs allow the cover to rollup when needed (for soft covers), fold up (with trifold designs in both hard and soft materials), and raise up at the back, which is common with hard tonneau covers. Some hard covers have a lock to prevent theft of valuables in the bed, although the tailgate either needs to be locking or be held in place by the cover to properly secure bed contents. Tonneau bed covers typically are black, however hard covers can be painted to match or contrast a vehicle's body paint.

When measuring for a tonneau cover, (for example, tonneau cover F150 Ford), the bed length needs to be confirmed to be a 6.5-foot, 8-foot, or other size. The bed width measurement is required in cases where the truck has the option of wheel housing arches inside of the bed (Fleetside /Styleside) or wheel well housing arches outside the bed (Stepside/Flareside).

You may be asking yourself, "Where can I purchase tonneau covers near me?" Though there are many options to buy truck bed covers online, there is only one clear destination when you demand quality, value, and customer service to be paired together. JEGS has over 60 years of industry experience, offers competitive prices on top-quality products, and ships in-stock items fast - often the same day.

The installation process for a truck bed cover varies greatly, depending on the brand and cover type. Most covers do not require drilling and instead use tightening clamps. Rails are first attached to the truck bed sides. The cover is then attached to the rails, typically with a design to allow it to quickly and temporarily be removed when the bed is needed.

A tonneau is a cover that usually lies flat along the top of your pickup truck bed. Truck bed covers can vary from a hard fiberglass style to a soft model that attaches to your bed rails with snaps. The purpose of a tonneau cover is to provide security and protection for your cargo, both from weather and theft. Other tonneau cover benefits include streamlining the look of your truck and adding functionality and value without fundamentally changing the appearance of your vehicle.

Folding tonneau covers: Folding covers usually come with either 3 or 4 panels. They are a type of hard cover that can be unfolded flat to protect the whole truck bed or portions can be folded back to leave some of the bed exposed. These models may be heavy depending on the material and can require more than one person to install and remove.

A truck cap also covers your truck bed, but has hard sides and a roof that create a tall storage space within your truck bed. Most truck caps are made of aluminum, fiberglass, or composite/plastic and some models have windows along the sides and back. Camper shells come in different heights. Many are cab height so they sit flush with the roof of your truck, while other high rise toppers are even taller, creating more space for your cargo. They typically have hinged, hatchback type, back doors so you can load and unload, and some even have hinged side doors as well.

Cargo space: One of the biggest benefits of a camper shell is that it lets you carry large and tall items. Your cargo space increases right away when you install a truck cap. In contrast, most covers limit how much you can carry in your truck bed. However, expandable Sawtooth tonneaus can stretch to cover big items so you can get the other benefits of a truck bed cover without sacrificing the ability to protect tall cargo.

Aerodynamics & Handling: Also unlike a tonneau cover, a camper shell will change how your truck drives and handles. You should be aware that with an increased side surface area of the camper shell, your truck will end up being pushed more to the side when cross winds hit it while driving. Also, the increased weight towards the top will affect turning and maneuverability at higher speeds when using a camper shell.

Security: Like hard tonneau covers, the hinged doors on truck caps can be locked to secure your belongings. Overall, caps and locking tonneaus will do a good job keeping thieves out of your truck. However, if a camper shell has windows you will lose the benefit of keeping your items out of sight, which could catch a potential thief's eye leading them to break the window.

Price: Speaking of saving money, many tonneaus are a more budget-friendly option. Truck bed tonneau cover prices can range from $150 - $600 for soft covers and $600 to over $1,000 for hard tonneaus. Camper shell prices for aluminum styles usually run under $1,000 while fiberglass models can range up to $2,000 installed. Plastic/composite models will fall somewhere in the middle.

The snaps used to secure the cover in place can be made with a variety of materials, from steel to nylon. Exclusively available as a soft cover, snap covers provide good weather protection at an affordable price.

Hinged tonneau covers are those which function by (you guessed it) hinges. They will keep thieves at bay, on account of both their hinges and because their over-the-tailgate design ensures safer usage.

Add extra security and style to your pickup truck with lockable, hard and soft tonneau & truck bed covers from Viper Motorsports in Weatherford, TX. These tough bed tops look great and protect your tools and other possessions from the elements and theft. They can even help increase aerodynamics by reducing wind drag while driving which can improve fuel economy.

Tonneau/Truck Bed covers shield your cargo from the weather, varmints and would-be thieves. Viper Motorsports offers an impressive collection of hard and soft top tonneau truck bed covers in a variety of styles including rolling, folding, retractable, hinged and even truck bed covers designed for trucks with standard 18"-20" toolboxes. We carry the top brands in the industry including, Extang, BAK, Retrax, Truxedo, Advantage Tonno Pro, Lund, Rugged Liner, Engo, BestopWeatherguard and many more.

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