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[S4E11] Peter's Got Woods

For the purposes of the official canon, Teen Wolf Wiki uses the information provided by Sheriff Stilinski and Agent McCall (and repeated several times by other characters) in Season 3. Malia went missing "8 years ago" when she was "9 years old" meaning she was 17 when found in the woods just before Halloween and turned 18 shortly after that in November.

[S4E11] Peter's Got Woods


In Echo House, Stiles checked himself into Eichen House, believing it to be the best place to keep his loved ones safe from him and the influence the Nogitsune possessing him had over his actions. It was there that he met several fellow patients, including his roommate, Oliver, who was possessed by one of the Nogitsune's flies; Malia Tate, the Werecoyote who the McCall Pack saved from her life of living in her full-coyote form in the woods for eight years; and Meredith Walker, a mysterious and troubled girl who was later revealed to be a Banshee. In addition to these new acquaintances, he also reunited with Marin Morrell, who warned him that, if the Nogitsune regained control, she would kill him with pancuronium bromide. Though the letharia vulpina Stiles was injected with suppressed the Nogitsune for a time, it ultimately wore off, causing the Nogitsune to use Oliver, who threatened Malia's life, to manipulate Stiles into letting him back in control over his body. Afterward, Malia checked out of Eichen House and was told how to find Scott McCall.

Lydia is a banshee that was put in a catatonic state by Theo Raeken due to him digging his claws into the back of her neck in search for the location of the Nemeton. He had never done such a procedure and when he finished, he yanked his claws out the back of her neck, leaving her comatose. She was later found in the woods by the Nemeton by Jordan Parrish and was taken to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. From there, her mother Natalie Martin signed a transfer sheet thus giving Lydia over to Eichen House. While there she was treated badly hurt. Valack drilled a hole in her head in order to increase her powers which it did' However, these powers ended up killing him and almost killing her.

Regina notes that she was abandoned by her mother. After accidentally being responsible for the death of James, her stepmother Snow White seeks revenge on her. Regina becomes a bandit in the woods, and falls in love with Robin Hood, who is engaged to Zelena. However, Regina is killed by Rumplestiltskin.

Mahone is among the four would-be escapees who make it out (Lechero, T-Bag, and Bellick get caught because Michael sets them up as decoys). Mahone may have been the target of the trap as well, but knowing Michael, he decided it would be safer to follow him from behind. After escaping prison, Mahone and the escapees run through the woods near the beach and get to carry Whistler after falling on his ankle. When arriving at a warehouse safely with his fellow convicts, Mahone is about to leave but is stopped by Lincoln, who points a gun at his head. Michael tries to intervene, but Linc insists on avenging their father's demise. Mahone then explains The Company's threat to his family and successfully escapes the warehouse after Whistler jumps through a window, leaving the two brothers again.

Katherine married Wayne Davis, a cop, and with him had a daughter, Dylan. During their marriage, Wayne became increasingly abusive towards Katherine and beat her on several occasions. The two divorced and Katherine relocated to Wisteria Lane, where she stayed with her aunt, Lillian Simms. Katherine befriends Susan Mayer and Mary Alice Young, her new neighbors on the street. One night, while Katherine and her aunt, Lillian Simms were out and Dylan was being babysat by Mary Alice, she discovered that Wayne had visited his daughter and given her a doll as a gift. Furious, Katherine places the doll on top of a wooden bookshelf in her sleeping daughter's bedroom. Wayne returns and Katherine confronts him. As Wayne begins to become aggressive, Katherine violently strikes him across the head with a candlestick and he retreats. Later, Katherine awoke to Lillian's screams from Dylan's room. Upon reaching the room, it is revealed that Dylan, while trying to retrieve the doll, was crushed and killed by the off-balanced bookshelf. In shock, Katherine and Aunt Lillian realize that Wayne could have them arrested for murder, so they bury Dylan's body in the woods behind the house.

After Adam leaves Katherine, Susan, Lynette, Bree, and Gaby stop by Katherine's house with muffins and jam. Katherine acts cold to everyone and tells them to leave. After everyone leaves, Katherine goes into the woods behind her house and looks a cross made of stones. She then starts crying. Dylan contacts her stepfather to know more about her father. Adam calls Katherine to let her know Dylan came to him. Adam agrees to give Katherine one last alibi and then he is through with her forever. Adam tells Dylan that Katherine did not kill her father. Also, Susan's cousin Tim comes to town and refers to Katherine as Mrs. Davis which was her first married name. We find out that Katherine and Tim had an affair twelve years before. Tim saw Katherine and her ex-husband Wayne Davis get into the night before Katherine left the lane. Katherine whacked Wayne over the head with a candle stick. ("Sunday") 041b061a72


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