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Get Ready, the Future Is Now

Some of the “trends” you’re hearing about now are here to stay

Back in 2011, my cousin bought the iPhone 4. Just a few months later, Apple introduced the iPhone 4S, the first iPhone to feature the now-famous Siri—and he rushed out to buy it. I remember asking him about it, saying that he had just purchased a new phone, so why did he need this upgrade so quickly? He told me it was because this one had voice commands. As a relatively poor college student who had yet to hop on the smartphone bandwagon, I thought he was crazy.

For reference, Apple debuted the iPhone in 2007. The firm recently released both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. As evidenced by rate of the iPhone’s development, technology advances quickly, and what was once top-of-the-line can become obsolete in a matter of months. Most consumers adopt technology willingly and refuse to go back to their old ways once they take the plunge. Some, like me, will be more cautious about new tech. Others, like my cousin, delight in learning about the latest development and rush out to acquire the newest gadget when it’s available.

That rush of excitement and the keeping-up-with-the-Joneses mentality can apply to your customers. While they might not necessarily push you to incorporate smart home accessories into their remodel, they might ask you to install features that are more flash-in-the-pan than timeless.

It’s your job to temper their excitement, while also giving them what they want. Your clients depend on you to know some of the top design trends, as well as what trends are popular in their area and what the best products are to accomplish their vision and dream. They also rely on you to help them make the most of their investment so that your work will last them for years to come.

We’ve explored some of the top trends and new products we noticed at this year’s International Builders’ Show and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. While the products are likely to evolve over the years, they reveal themes that are the future of the industry: statement-making pieces, products to help save time and money, and enhancements that will keep homeowners safe and secure.

Ready or not, here they come.

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