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Four reasons to replace your windows

Most homeowners purchase replacement windows to modernize their home’s aesthetic, prevent drafts and leaks, and help regulate their indoor climate, but different window units are designed to specifically optimize certain aspects of your abode. To provide a little more insight on how a home immediate benefits from a window replacement project, we will dig a little deeper into the technical specs and amenities that come with some of the most popular window models:

  1. Easy, Versatile Operation: With the exception of picture windows, all windows are designed to open, so one that is frequently jam-prone or inoperable defeats the entire purpose. Luckily, several window types are specially designed to correct this issue from day one. Casement window replacements are often crank-operated, and allow for smooth, 90-degree opening to the left and right. Sliding windows also feature the multi-adjacent pane design as their casement counterparts, but as their name implies, these panes slide horizontally to promote full, top-to-bottom ventilation.

  2. Enhanced Natural Lighting and Outdoor Views: Picture windows are fixed within the wall and designed to be inoperable, but in exchange, they forego a traditional framed construction to create a wider surface area of glass, resulting in fuller outdoor views and improved natural light intake. Hopper windows, while not as expansive as picture windows, are operable and easily placed in low living spaces, like dens and basements, to make the darker areas of your home much brighter and more inviting.

  3. Additional Living Space: The curved, extruding design of bay and bow windows allow homeowners to create more living space, especially when these windows are customized with a ledge area. With these replacement windows, you can create additional guest seating and optimize your home for entertaining. Garden windows also protrude from the home’s exterior, but in a more compartmentalized fashion that allows for the staging of plants and other keepsakes.

  4. Easy Cleaning: Awning windows tilt outward from a top hinge to allow for easy cleaning of the interior and exterior-facing panes—all from within your home. Also, many double hung windows are designed with operable top and bottom panes to provide the same low-maintenance benefit. If you’re looking to cut down on chore time while making your home a more contemporary, functional place, these windows will help you achieve both.

When home remodelers discuss window replacement with their customers, the conversation is often framed with a focus on the long-term benefits, and there are certainly many. But in order to further heighten the confidence in your investment, it’s wise to remember the benefits you reap immediately. Before beginning your next window replacement project, make sure to discuss the short and long-term benefits of each window type and assess them against your own specific needs in order to find the ideal unit for your home.

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