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The IoT-based sensor can alert supervisors to falls, injury, or other incidents in real time

A building site can have its fair share of dangers for workers, who can be at risk daily of falls and other injuries. In 2015, almost 5,000 workers experienced a fatal incident on the job site, 38.8% of which were caused by falls according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In an effort to make job sites safer, Triax Technologies, Inc., a provider of wearable technology for construction site connectivity, has launched its new spot-r technology for wearables. The IoT-based connected lightweight sensor clips on to a worker's belt, and in the event of an incident will alert safety personnel to slips, trips and falls in real time so workers can receive aid faster. Workers can also send safety alerts in a time of crisis. In the case of an emergency, authorized personnel can trigger site-wide evacuation alerts emitted by the sensor.

The location technology operates on a closed mesh network that cuts through steel and concrete and automatically clocks workers on the job site, so supervisors will always be able to see where each worker is located. This feature also enables spotter to log key data for insurers on when and where incidents occur.

The wearable system has a one-year battery-life without charging and is water and impact resistant.

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