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The Importance & Rise of Drones in Construction

Over the last 5 years, drones have quickly become more and more incorporated into the hobbies and everyday lives of people. It is no longer uncommon to see someone filming something with a drone at a beach or at a park. For the construction field, drones are become an important tool as well.

(Photo by Thomas Bjornstad on Unsplash)

According to Gary Thill of Replacement Contractor, the engineering and construction fields have a 35% adoption rate of drones. Thill believes that in the future, contractors will be able to use drones to their advantage in four ways: Home Inspections, Risk Management, Materials Delivered & Marketing.

With home inspections being a big time-consumer for contractors, using a drone to film a home can help decrease time spent at the home and allow for more home inspections per day. The same goes for job site safety spot checks. Rather than having to constantly drive to a home to check on workers, a drone can be used to quickly check in on a job's working condition.

(Photo by Y U C E L M O R A N on Unsplash)

Thill also talks about drones being used in the delivery of materials. Compared to other drone features, this one is a bit down the road but the idea is already being worked on by some big companies.

The final thing Thill talks about is marketing. The usage of a drone allows a videographer to capture shots and moments that were previously unattainable. This is something that Shells Only has being doing for some time now. Check out our YouTube channel - here !

Read the rest of Thill's work here!

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4 Ways Drones Will Change Everything For Contracting by Gary Thill -

Gary Thill -

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