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3 Unexpected Ways to Boost the Value of Any Home

Savvy upgrades that are surprisingly easy to sell to homeowners.

There are plenty of creative ways to increase home value. While the kitchen is the most popular room to remodel, recommending a few other high-value options to customers can help you win additional projects. For example, doors are often one of the last elements to be considered with any remodel, but they account for an astounding 800 square-feet of visual impact in the average mid-sized home.

1. Upgrade the Front Door Curb appeal makes a first and lasting impression. If a home’s façade seems forgettable, spruce it up with a modern exterior door. It’s a minor refresh—but it pays off in a big way: upgrading an entryway door recoups an estimated 90% of renovation costs immediately, which is a better return than a minor bathroom update. What’s more, modern homeowners are being drawn to dark-and-dramatic doors that contrast with the rest of the exterior. Hone in on black and dark charcoal shades when replacing the door to increase the perceived value of the property by over $6,000. Additionally, accents like a new doorbell, hardware and knocker are effective and cost efficient. A storm door could also be beneficial if the region calls for it.

2. Add Space-Saving Storage Make the most of any home with some space-conscious tricks that promise to accommodate every family. Updates to kitchen and bathroom cabinets are popular options, but incorporating clever solutions throughout the home can be a thoughtful edition to any project. Make rooms look live-in ready with built-in bookshelves or upgrade typical wire closet and pantry shelving for more streamlined and practical storage systems. Free up more room in common living areas by considering alternatives to traditional swing-open doors: functional bi-fold and sliding barn doors look sleek and make the most of every inch.

3. Enhance Outdoor Living Consider deck and patio renovations to create bonus space in the beautiful, great outdoors. Create the foundation for future gatherings with wood decking that invites everyone to enjoy nature. If the defined area is already appropriate, furnish it with new lighting and a fire pit to accommodate nighttime activity; alternately, invite the outdoors in during the day with wide-windowed patio doors that allow brilliant light and views to enter the home. Finally, add an outside kitchen area with food prep counters and a grill that’s bound to appeal to cooks and entertainers.

It’s all in the details, so don’t waste an inch of opportunity. Homeowners rely on remodels to enhance the space they fell in love with, so give them options that do just that. Every house comes with walls, windows and doors—make sure yours delivers an experience.

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