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Sound Barriers Silence Noisy Neighbors

Fences serve a larger purpose than just framing a yard, corralling the family dog or adding curb appeal. They are also fantastic sound barriers, keeping out the unwanted noise and ruckus of neighbors and nearby traffic. CertainTeed offers the perfect solution to homeowners’ noise complaints: its Bufftech® and SimTek® privacy fence collection.

The durable vinyl and rotationally-molded polyethylene fences block up to 98 percent of direct sound with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 26, as opposed to wood fencing, which only blocks 75 percent of direct sound. Plus, the durable panels can be used in either residential or commercial settings. Bufftech vinyl privacy fence has a (STC) rating of 21.

So what are the components of a well-performing sound barrier? Let’s review the criteria you’ll want to consider before making your final selection.

3 elements to consider when selecting a fence for sound control:

1. Weight

Fence used for the purpose of deadening sound needs to be heavier than the typical choices because weight diminishes sound. Additionally, sound barriers should be thick and strengthened by steel. Each CertainTeed privacy fence is engineered with steel-reinforced rails, making it strong and durable.

Backed by CertainTeed’s exclusive WindZone™ performance, Bufftech fence is engineered for use in high wind and hurricane conditions, as approved by Miami-Dade test protocols, recognized as the most stringent standards in the country. Bufftech is dynamic wind load-load tested up to 115 mph.

2. Height

Of course, sound could still carry over the top of a fence, so for extra sound damping capabilities, choose panels that are taller than traditional fencing. Bufftech privacy fence is available up to 8 feet in height, and SimTek is engineered to allow for the creation of 8-and 12 foot- high walls by stacking individual panels. Before building, review city or HOA codes and be sure the fencing isn’t too tall and doesn’t impede the sight of passing drivers.

3. Structure

Sound can’t travel through solid structures, which block sound better than those with holes or gaps. Therefore, always choose a privacy fence option that doesn’t have slots or small gaps in between boards like traditional wood fencing. All CertainTeed privacy fence options check this box as well.

If your customers live on or near a busy street or are looking for ways to block the noise from their neighbors, suggest a beautiful-but-tough vinyl or polyethylene fence to quiet their yards. CertainTeed’s Bufftech and SimTek privacy fence collections are the perfect solutions for restoring peace and tranquility in outdoor living spaces. Learn more at

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