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Eight Affordable Upgrades For A Healthier Bathroom

Is your bathroom enhancing or endangering your health? It’s probably not a question you think about as you get ready for work in the morning or finish your nighttime routines before sleeping. However, your bathroom has a role to play in your well-being, and there are elements you can add to remove hazards and improve its role in your health. Here are eight affordable ideas (all available for less than $1,000) to consider for your master suite or your children’s bathrooms.

1. Hand-held massaging showerhead

It’s easy to replace a standard showerhead with a hand-held model that will provide better coverage. A massaging feature adds the ability to pinpoint pulsating jets to wear your body aches to ease soreness.

2. Grab bar

Falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Preventing them can save your life – and doesn’t have to take a toll on your bathroom’s style. New anchors to secure your bar make blocking unnecessary for reduced installation expense. They’re also great for active children to grasp if they start to slip in the tub.

3. Sensor vent fan

Moisture you don’t see or remove can turn into mold, which is unpleasant to breathe. It’s also extremely unhealthy for individuals with respiratory and immunity issues, according to the medical community. A sensor vent fan can help prevent mold buildup by removing moisture from the air even when you’re not home. It’s perfect, too, for kids who may not remember to turn them on when they shower.

4. Bidet seat

If you’ve stayed in an Asian or European hotel, you probably encountered a bidet, which is a toilet designed for hygiene. They’re rare in the U.S., but bidet-style toilets are gaining appeal. If you want to enjoy the reduced irritation of using warm water for personal cleaning without changing out your current toilet, or spending several thousand dollars for a new one, a bidet-style seat is worth considering.

5. Better lighting

As we age, our vision tends to get weaker. Better lighting in your bathroom can help offset that effect and make reading prescription labels, shaving and applying makeup easier. Look for fixtures that upgrade the amount of light without increasing your energy usage. You’ll probably find that LEDs will best meet that need.

6. Touchless toilet

Some of the newer toilets on the market offer hands-free flushing. By waving your hand near a sensor, you’re reducing the amount of germs you come into contact with. This, in turn, can help reduce your exposure to cold and flu germs. There are also touchless toilet kits on the market that can convert a standard flush model into a hands-free version. Be sure to check the specifications before purchasing one to make sure it will work with your toilet.

7. Touchless faucets

The same hands-free benefits available on toilets are also built into many faucets today. Since germs live on surfaces like these, minimizing your contact with them can help lessen the severity of this year’s cold and flu season.

8. Shower seat

Not all showers come equipped with benches, unfortunately, and there are times when sitting is just better than standing. For millions of women, that includes shaving your legs. Rather than balance on one leg, sitting can be easier (and safer).

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