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This Chart Shows Our Cost vs. Value Report in a Whole New Light

Colorful graph shows a lot of data in a small space


We might publish the Cost vs. Value report, but we're not too proud to say the blog topped us in terms of showing the data we compiled.

This colorful chart shows at a glance the national average cost for 21 common remodeling projects, plus the value that real estate professionals in 100 metro areas nationwide say that those projects would add to a home's price if the house were sold within a year of the project's completion.

Fixr's blog also notes a point that we try to stress in our report. "All homeowners invest in their property," Fixr writes. "However, the motivation behind these investments will vary from owner to owner. Home renovation projects take place for a variety of reasons. Some are a mix of personal preference and increased home value, while others focus solely on the latter; often in an effort to sell or flip a home. Because home renovation projects occur for a variety of reasons, a project’s ROI cannot always be strictly measured in monetary terms. That being said, in a world full of data, homeowners are looking for a guide to help determine which project will return the best ROI in terms of hard dollars."

This year's Cost vs. Value report looks at differences in 149 metro areas nationwide in terms of how much it costs to have a professional do these 21 projects. And there are value numbers for the 100 markets in which we got the most responses from our survey of real estate professionals. Download your local report at


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