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Buy Korean Cosmetics Europe [HOT]

Korean facial cosmetics will nourish the skin with selected natural ingredients and protect it from various weather influences in all seasons. You can choose from products for cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing and protecting the skin. Nourish your skin to the best the world has to offer.

buy korean cosmetics europe

Our online store is your reliable assistant in finding natural skin care cosmetics, which is made of 100% all natural ingredients and is completely hypoallergenic. All products of Manyo Factory brand have passed the required laboratory testing, have been certified and adapted for the European type of skin. This is one of the main reasons for high demand and popularity of the Korean Manyo Factory natural cosmetics in Europe and the United States.

Suppose you've decided to try Korean skin care cosmetics. Among the huge selection of Korean brands in the world of cosmetics, Manyo Factory has found the best recipe of beauty and health for your skin. Manyo Factory online store of Korean organic skin care cosmetics is the place where you will find effective skin care and treatment cosmetic products from South Korea designed by the real professionals. Manyo Factory 100% natural cosmetic products can provide you with the professional skin care right at your home without spending time and money to visit beauty salons.

For inexpensive cosmetics, YesStyle is your "go-to" destination. We carry a wide range of products for your skin care routine, as well as acne treatments, makeup products, cosmetics, sun care, face masks, face cleansers, facial toners, moisturizers, and more. We carry dozens of well-known and popular beauty brands, with a focus on Korean skin care products (K-beauty). K-Beauty brands include TonyMoly, Faceshop, COSRX, Nature Republic and Isntree.

Korean cosmetics companies have started localization work in Europe and North America, the home of cosmetics. So far, Korean cosmetics companies have sought to penetrate the Asian cosmetics market. But now, they are beginning to target the global cosmetics market. Analysts say Korean cosmetics companies will be able to increase their earnings if they lower their dependence on the Chinese market.

The ambitious South Korea based cosmetics manufacturer is targeting Berlin with its' flagship product - the BB cream, also known as blemish balm. The store in Ingolstadt, just 80km from Munich, is the first of many plans to expand into major EU states in 2015.

While the beauty brand is doing well in Europe, it announced it had to 'suspend business' at all of its outlets in Hong Kong in January. The drastic move came as a surprise, as Korean cosmetics are in high demand of late.

In South Korea, the Cosmetics Act represents the main legal regulatory framework for cosmetics. There are other regulations, standards and guidance documents that support this Act and which allow the country to have a comprehensive framework to manage this type of products. The Cosmetics Act provides standards for the manufacture, importing and sale of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients, including detailed requirements for the labelling and advertising of products. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) is the competent authority that enacts and executes cosmetic regulations in South Korea, including the register of functional products. The South Korean Pharmaceutical Traders Association (KPTA) is responsible for issuing importing cosmetic approvals and supervising cosmetic trading.

Cosmetics are divided into general cosmetics and functional cosmetics. Functional cosmetics are products that aid in functionally improving or changing the condition of skin and hair. Examples of functional cosmetics are: whitening products; anti-wrinkle products; sunscreens; hair dyes; epilating agent; acne products; etc.

General cosmetics are subject to a post-market surveillance and can be manufactured/imported without registration. On the other hand, functional cosmetics must undergo a complex registration process to obtain an approval letter from the MFDS before manufacturing or importing processes can be made. Additionally, importers of cosmetic products also have to obtain approval from the South Korean Pharmaceuticals Traders Association (KPTA).

Although both South Korean and European Union cosmetics regulation primarily aim the safety of consumers, they still have striking differences. For example, some cosmetic products in the EU do not meet the definition of cosmetic products in South Korea and vice-versa. As this country represents a popular emerging market for EU brands, new opportunities for manufacturers and importers arise . It is essential to be up-to-date and understand the South Korean cosmetic regulations before entering this highly competitive market. 041b061a72


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