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Why Matching Couples Necklaces with engravings

The engraving on the wedding ring signifies the most prominent visual expression between two rings. Wedding rings with engraving convey feelings, make a statement and capture the most romantic moment in time and keep men in mind (hopefully that is) of their wedding day.

Wedding ring engraving: classic diamond engraving or contemporary laser engraving? Craftsmanship meets Progression

The most popular type of ring engraving is diamond engraving. A specially cut diamond is used to mechanically scratch the ring surface. The engraving is then visible with a fine sheen. Laser engraving is now a common practice since diamond engraving used to be only possible on rings made of precious metals like silver, gold, platinum and palladium. Wedding rings are now available in new materials and metals, like titanium and ceramic, stainless steel and tungsten. Where the engraving diamond can no longer be used in the material because it is simply too hard to be used in this kind of process laser technology is used. The engraving is also burnt into the surface of the ring mechanically with varying depths. The advantage of this constantly evolving technology is the accuracy that, for example, engraving can be clearly legible even on tiny surfaces or in narrow rings. Laser engraving is unbeatable when is in terms of durability. A deep laser engraving will not be affected by wear and tear of the material and is therefore as "durable as the wedding ring itself".

Explore the possibilities of engraving your wedding rings.

Your wedding ring should be unique and personal, just as you are. There are many design options that can be engraved. Rings are typically engraved on the either on the outside or to the side but not just to send a text message as well as to express feelings of love and affection through symbols or patterns. Laser engraving, for instance, opens up the possibility of displaying a long text like your wedding motto, favorite poem or religious verses or even your favorite song as a micro-engraving inside or outside the ring in such that at first glance and from a distance it doesn't appear as text, but rather a pattern and the secret to it only comes out upon closer examination. Fingerprint engraving and facsimile engraving are the most unique of engraved wedding rings. Because the fingerprints that you place on the ring of your partner or a loving dedication in your personal handwriting (regardless of whether it is able to be read) are as unique as they are personal. In addition to the technological sophistication in the process of creating these engravings, traditional values are also in play in this case. In the age of digital communication, handwritten letters (as they were called in the past) are quite rare.

A ring can be transformed into a new ring through engraving

As with all jewelry The ring is unique since it is made to fit the hand. It is customized to the wearer's hand and is a symbol that makes it stand out from other pieces of jewelry. However the meaning that completes the ring in its purpose can only be achieved through engraving. This is what makes it unique. it and gives it to its wearer, and makes it unique and distinctive.

What types of ring engravings exist?

Diamond engraving is a classic method employed by jewelers as well as goldsmiths. The writing is scratched into the ring's surface, either on the inside or outside by using diamond. Graphic templates of symbols, your own handwriting, or even fingerprints can also be engraved here. The engraving is done on precious metals. Laser engraving was created in response to the discovery of new metals and materials to make rings, like titanium stainless steel, ceramic or tungsten. Classic diamond engraving works poorly or is not even possible using these new materials. they're simply too hard and the engraving diamonds are unable to penetrate enough deeply into the material. As a result, diamond engravings remain only superficial and sometimes wear out too quickly. Modern marking lasers make deep engravings - whether internal or external engravings or side engravings - on titanium rings stainless steel rings, ceramic rings, and tungsten rings possible and permanent.


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