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Ryan Wright
Ryan Wright

Born To Race [PATCHED]

In the hands of Rick Brickert, a seasoned race pilot Pond had hired, Pond Racer, despite lacking nearly half its potential horsepower, managed a respectable second place in the 1992 Reno Bronze class: 365 mph. It seemed as though the raceplane had finally found its footing, but the inability to make full power continued to vex the team, and the engine modifications continued. During a flight to test turbo modifications, Brickert experienced total engine failure. North of Chino in the high desert of Mojave, Brickert calmly feathered the prop and threaded the Cajon Pass back to the airport on a single engine.

Born to Race

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Knox trains and races at Dade City MX and Bartow MX. He also loves to ride at 74 MX in Punta Gorda. Last year he only raced the Bartow MX series half the year and placed 3rd overall in the Pee Wee Shaft Class and 4th in the Pee Wee 4-6 Beginner Class.

Fritz thinks IMSA ignored that potentially significant safety concern, and a few other smaller modifications, so that the series would have a Ferrari racing in it. And NART had no intention of running for the sake of being on the track: The team wanted to race, and win, at the highest level of motorsport.

There were mechanical problems, too. They replaced the clutch (a known weak spot on the BBs) before the race, but then the alternator failed. Despite all the woes, Milt Minter and Eppie Wietzes drove the car to sixth-place overall, behind four Porsche 911 RSRs and a BMW 3.0 CSL.

Bo Clapp, 6, of Mayfield made it to the AMA Amateur Nationals Motocross Championship. He is now among 42 of the fastest kids in his class in the nation, despite having only been racing for one year. His parents, Kaitlynn and Jake Clapp, are filled with pride anytime he pulls up to the starting line of a race. 041b061a72


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