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Buy Wooden Wardrobe !FREE!

A cluttered bedroom is an unhealthy environment to get quality sleep. Complete sleep is a must for every person, whether young or old. A spacious wardrobe in the bedroom is amazingly helpful in storing clothes and other accessories at all times. You will only have a shabby bedroom interior when the wardrobe is well-stocked and neatly arranged. Also, finding items to dress up can be done in a jiffy when the clothes are well organised. No more delays due to a messy room or time wasted choosing the right apparel for work or appointments. The cherry on top is that the bedroom interior is considerably improved and has a sophisticated look. Check out the various designs available in bedroom wardrobes and take your pick based on the storage space required. Whether you prefer a wood or metal wardrobe, look at the different wardrobe material available. Plastic and engineered wood are the other materials also available in cabinets. Various designs are available, such as 1 door wardrobe , 2 door wardrobe , 3 door wardrobe , 4 door wardrobe , with mirror, without a mirror, sliding wardrobe , plastic cabinets etc. Choose a wardrobe based on the number and types of organisations, like shelves, hanging rods or drawers. At Nilkamal Furniture, you will find a classic collection of designer wardrobes in different wardrobe sizes, materials, patterns, colour and finishes. Explore the different varieties online and place the order based on the requirements and number of people using it. Buy wardrobe online with easy payment modes, delivery and return policy .

buy wooden wardrobe

Irrespective of the type of amount of clothing we possess, we all need a suitable wardrobe to store our clothes. Accessories such as caps, hats, belts, scarves, etc., may also be conveniently stored in a wardrobe . Different types of wardrobes include sliding, 1-door, 2-door, 3-door, 4-door, mirror wardrobes, wardrobes without mirrors, etc. Depending on the desired design and size, one may select a wardrobe in a preferable colour and material. Check out the extensive assortment of wardrobes available from Nilkamal Furniture and select them based on your needs. Easy shopping through browsing, convenient payment modes, and hassle-free delivery to the doorstep make the best of online shopping.

The space designated for a wardrobe must be kept in mind before choosing the appropriate wardrobe since it has to fit in the bedroom space. One needs to take the exact dimensions of the space and then select a desired wardrobe size . The design of the wardrobe also has to be chosen in a suitable type that matches the bedroom interiors.

The kind of clothes to be stored within the wardrobe also decides the type of wardrobe to be bought. If one mainly uses clothes that need to be hung rather than folded, a cabinet with more hanging space is required over one with more drawers or shelves. Items like coats, suits, sarees, gowns, floor-length dresses, etc., need more hanging-type storage capacity rather than folded storage.

The wardrobe style must also be carefully selected to match the concept to the bedroom theme. A traditional wardrobe design will be unsuitable for a contemporary-styled bedroom and vice versa. Similarly, a wardrobe with a mirror can make a massive difference within the bedroom. If a mirror is already in the bedroom elsewhere, then the need for a mirror wardrobe is omitted. Check out the varying designs available and choose accordingly.

The wardrobe material may be chosen as desired from wood, particle board, metal, etc. Confirm the durability and sturdiness of the materials used before buying the wardrobe online . Matching themes in the other bedroom furniture, such as the bedside tables, bed, dressing table, chest of drawers, etc., should be chosen for uniformity and aesthetic look. Make sure the wardrobe is made of wood if the bed and other bedroom furniture are made from wood. The colour of the cabinet also influences the bedroom look. So make sure the most appropriate colour and finish is chosen too.

Investing in a good-quality wardrobe is essential for long-lasting use. We all wish to have a pleasant and cosy environment when we go to bed; hence, it is necessary to choose a wardrobe in a favourable colour too. Compromising quality due to the looks is unwise as durability is not assured. So ensure to check the wardrobe price and keep a specific budget in mind before you buy wardrobe online .

There are different designs in bedroom wardrobe available online that one may choose according to the budget, colour, material and size. You may enhance the bedroom aesthetics by choosing the most suitable wardrobe that fulfils your storage needs too. Select the best deals by going through the many discounts available.

One of the best ways to add lighting to the bedroom is by adding a wardrobe with mirror . The reflected light makes the room vibrant and sparkly. The mirror also makes the room appear spacious. No more is the need for a dressing table as the wardrobe can be used most advantageously. Elegance can be combined with practicality most finely. Make the best of the smart furniture concept in the most appealing way.

The everlasting beauty of wooden wardrobe for bedroom can never go wrong. Not only do they add a homely look to the bedroom, but they are also very versatile. Nilkamal Furniture has a wide selection of wooden wardrobes crafted from engineered wood. The finishing touches in wooden cabinets are unlike any other materials, and the durability offered makes them the finest choice in terms of investment.

wardrobes are bought to reduce the clutter in bedrooms. Some level of organisation is needed whether it is a small or large home, and it not only imbibes neatness to the interiors but also makes finding clothing items easier. Drawer-based wardrobes are helpful in this respect, as different levels of segregation can be maintained within. Hanging rods and shelves are also provided in cabinets and drawers for differentiation in storage. Some also have drawers with a locking system to help in storing precious items like jewellery, money, and expensive accessories like watches, etc.

The contemporary-styled sliding door wardrobe is created to save space in the immediate front. The space normally occupied when opening and closing the wardrobe doors is freed up due to the sliding door concept. The efficient design is convenient for placing even larger-sized wardrobes in smaller bedrooms. The sliding wardrobe may be designed with floor-to-ceiling ideas too.

Single door wardrobes are those with a single-hinged door, and the door can be fully opened to a 90 degrees angle to view the wardrobe interior. There may be hanging rods, drawers or shelves within for convenient storage of items. Extra hooks may be attached to the inside of the door for hanging items like belts, scarves, jewellery, etc.

The simple 2 door design in wardrobes with hinges on the inside of both doors is very commonly used in most households. The simple versatility of the 2 door wardrobe due to its medium size that can fit anywhere and a sizeable space makes it an excellent choice for many. Especially individuals living in apartments or smaller homes like one-bedroom flats make use of such wardrobes. Such wardrobes are available in various materials like steel, wood, engineered wood, iron, plastic, etc.

The 3 door wardrobe is a good choice regarding storage space required for larger families. A family of 3 or more needs this type of wardrobe for convenience. Whether hanging space, shelves, lock-type cabinets or drawers, there is ample space for storing a wide variety of items. These wardrobes are also ideal for couples who wish to accommodate all clothing items, footwear, and luggage in one space. Especially cabinets with a sliding door are preferred as much floor is saved, and they may be accommodated even in smaller rooms. There is more accessibility which makes them more versatile.

Larger families with at least four members or families who share can share such 4-door wardrobes. These are large and have better sections for segregating clothing and other accessories. Having a 4 door wardrobe is ideal for those living in large homes with more bedroom space. Other household items can also be stacked in such cabinets. These include bedding materials, stationery, furnishings, etc. More drawers or shelves may be included later if required. Also, the hanging space can be converted into more shelves if not needed. No more will there be any cluttering within the room as the extra storage space can be utilised conveniently.

These are made from PVC material and are lightweight to carry around. Those individuals who are always on the move can buy these types of wardrobes. The wardrobes are also suitable for small storage needs in smaller rooms.

If you want a wardrobe with an industrial look, then a metal wardrobe is the one for you. With a rustic appeal and strong frame, these are available in different sizes and capacities. They are highly durable and sturdy. They are changing weather conditions, whether hot or cold and do not affect the metallic look of the wardrobes. The metal wardrobes are also very easy to maintain and clean.

Recycled wood or sawdust is bonded together to form engineered wood. Such wardrobes are cheaper and available in various designs with different finishes. If you want the look of a wooden wardrobe at a more affordable cost, engineered wood wardrobes are a good choice.

The mirrored wardrobe with 3 doors has 7 spacious shelves for convenient storage. One hanging rod and a lock system on the doors keep the items secure. Particleboard is the material used for the construction of the wardrobe. 041b061a72


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