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The concept of first and last goal betting has intrigued many newcomers to online betting. This type of bet involves predicting which team will score the first or last goal in a match. Join us as we explore the basics and soccer tips predictions correct score 

Table of Contents

  1. What is first and last goal betting?

  2. How to play first and last goal betting

  3. Understanding the odds

  4. Basic rules of first and last goal betting

  5. Calculating winnings

  6. 3 tips for playing first and last goal betting effectively

1. What is first and last goal betting?

First and last goal betting, as the name suggests, requires players to predict which team will score the first goal or the last goal in a match. Additionally, bets can be placed on the possibility of a 0-0 draw.

Players can also choose to bet on either the first half or the entire match. In both timeframes, extra time goals are counted.

The distinctive feature of this type of bet is that players do not need to focus on which team will win the match. However, accurate predictions require thorough analysis of match details.

2. How to play first and last goal betting

To understand first and last goal betting better, it's crucial to grasp the rules and gameplay details. Here's what you need to know about reading the betting board and its regulations:

  • Team names: The team listed at the top is the home team, and the other is the away team (or if it's a neutral venue, the stronger team is listed at the top).

  • Betting options: Players can bet on either team to score the first goal, disadvantaging the opponent with unfavorable odds. Betting on the last goal involves predicting which team will score the final goal in the match.

  • In the event of a 0-0 draw, the bet on "No goals scored" results in losing the bet.

>> what is asian handicap in soccer betting  Understanding this unique form of wagering is crucial for navigating the complexities of soccer betting, offering bettors strategic advantages and diverse betting options based on handicaps assigned to each team.

3. Understanding the odds

Each betting option displays odds alongside the team name, indicating the potential profit players can earn if their bet is correct.

4. Basic rules of first and last goal betting

  • Goals are only counted if they are valid and recognized by the referee.

  • Own goals count against the opposing team.

  • If a match is temporarily paused or canceled for objective reasons, bets placed before any score changes are canceled. However, if a valid goal is scored before the interruption, the first goal bet counts, and the last goal bet is canceled.

  • If there are changes in match timing, postponement, or cancellation before kickoff, all bets are refunded.

5. Calculating winnings

Understanding how winnings are calculated is crucial for bettors deciding where to invest:

  • Winning bet: Payout = Stake * Odds (Total payout includes both stake and profit).

  • Losing bet: The stake amount is lost.

6. 3 tips for playing first and last goal betting effectively

Experience in first and last goal betting is essential for bettors. Here are some key factors and tips to achieve the highest win rate:

  • Choose the right betting time: Goals depend significantly on team dynamics and strategy. Teams playing defensively with formations like 5-4-1 or 4-5-1 may affect early game pace. Conversely, more attacking formations like 3-5-2 or 4-3-3 increase the likelihood of goals.

  • Optimal betting time: Experts recommend placing bets when team line-ups and formations are announced. Bettors can leverage their experience and ability to predict first and last goal outcomes.

  • Betting on first goals: For effective first goal betting, consider starting line-ups and tactical formations. Teams playing defensively early on might concede the first goal to home teams, increasing the winning odds.

Ultimately, understanding first and last goal betting has been comprehensively explained in this article by Bet Guide. We hope bettors can apply these insights flexibly to find their optimal betting choices.

In summary, first and last goal betting offers an intriguing twist to traditional sports wagering, allowing bettors to engage with matches in a unique and strategic manner. By predicting which team will score the initial or final goal, participants can enjoy a dynamic betting experience that transcends simple match outcomes. Success in this form of betting hinges on a thorough understanding of team strategies, careful analysis of betting odds, and the ability to capitalize on opportune betting moments. Whether betting on the opening minutes or the closing stages of a game, bettors can leverage their insights to make informed decisions and potentially maximize their returns. As sports betting continues to evolve, first and last goal betting stands out as an exciting option for enthusiasts seeking both entertainment and the betting tips vip app


In conclusion, understanding the nuances of first and last goal betting enhances the betting experience by offering multiple avenues for predicting match outcomes beyond the final score. This form of betting not only adds excitement to the game but also requires analytical skills and knowledge of team dynamics. By focusing on strategic betting times, reading betting odds accurately, and adhering to basic rules, bettors can increase their chances of success. Whether betting on the first goal to set the tone or the last goal to seal the match, strategic insights and timely decisions play a pivotal role in maximizing potential winnings. As betting continues to evolve, mastering first and last goal betting remains a valuable skill for enthusiasts looking to elevate their understanding and enjoyment of sports betting.


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